The ADP Workforce Solution is ideal for companies with 50+ employees that want to streamline HR processes. ADP Workforce Now includes features like payroll and tax reporting, performance management, compensation management, talent acquisition, time and work management, performance management, analytics, and more.


This fully integrated HR software is built on a single database that automates data synchronization and helps HR teams minimize manual administrative procedures. ADP Workforce Now integrates with other HR and business applications through the ADP Marketplace. Other workforce management features include Proactive compliance and regulatory alerts. External perspectives on companies and people who make decisions using ADP Benchmarking, the ADP Research Institute, and ADP Professional Services. Access to the ADP customer community of more than 50,000 colleagues.

But the ADP Workforce Now service offers more than just software. Customers can also get strong human support. ADP’s expert team will be at your disposal to provide support. They can answer your questions about complex issues such as compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other ever-changing government rules and regulations. You can even assign ADP staff to handle specific functions with optional full ADP Workforce Now services.


ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based human resource management software platform specifically designed to help human resource management teams easily accomplish all their operational and administrative tasks. It allows users to efficiently manage and gain insights into all areas of people management, HR function management, payroll, talent, and merit. The software has core features that significantly save time on HR management compliance and help with work management, benchmarking, and analysis.

ADP Workforce Now Payroll is the first affordable feature of the software that makes the payroll and tax filing process simple and efficient. This fully integrated platform is built on a single database that automates data delivery across multiple components and allows users to reduce manual management tasks. In addition, this platform also integrates other business and HR applications through APIs and the ADP Marketplace. It is significantly designed to support compliance and accountability and is perfectly ready to adapt to changes in user activity.